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  • iMirror

    for iPad and iPhone

    The Silhouette iMirror makes it possible to try on eyewear and sunglasses in a realistic environment.

    Wherever and whenever you want.

  • New options

    • Automatic face recognition
    • All optical eyewear & new sunglass models
    • New, improved design & optimized user interface
    • Adaptation of the eyewear in real time
    • Also available as an off-line version

  • 2 possibilities

    1. Variant 1: Live mode

      You can digitally try on each Silhouette model, change shapes and colours and move around freely.

    2. Variant 2: Photo mode

      Switch to the photo mode to test eyewear on a model’s photo or on your own photo.

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Try on Silhouette eyewear wherever you are

Have you ever wondered what you would look like wearing a new model of eyewear? By using the Silhouette iMirror you can experience how Silhouette eyewear suits you - any time and anywhere you like.

Thanks to advanced Augmented Reality video technology you can move around freely as though in front of a real mirror, virtually wearing any pair of Silhouette glasses. The iPhone 4 and iPad 2 with their front-facing cameras are the perfect tool for this task.

There is no need to worry if you don't have a device with a front-facing camera as there's another clever App to use. Simply download either App and start trying out any of the Silhouette eyewear models. You can even save and share photos with friends and family.

Experience the Silhouette iMirror


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