Optical models


Striking Striking

One-line description for striking.

One-line description for soft. Soft

One-line description for soft..

One-line description for neutral. Neutral

One-line description for neutral.

anniversaryTMA Icon - THE ANNIVERSARY EDITIONglass
TMA Iconglass
TMA The Must Collectionglass
SPX Composeglass


Finesse (4440)glass
Hinge C-2 (5421)glass
Charming Diva (4456)glass
TNG Titan Next Generation Nylorglass
TNG Titan Next Generation Nylorglass
TNG Titan Next Generation Nylorglass
SPX Illusion Fullrimglass
Titan One (4439)glass
Illusion Nylorglass
Titan Contourglass
Carbon Intarsia (5402)glass
Crystal Diva (4374)glass
Urban LITE Fullrimglass
Titan Profileglass
Carbon T1glass
LITE Twistglass
Titan New Wave Nylorglass
TMA Gold Collectionglass
Titan Harmony Nylorglass
Titan Impressions IIglass
SPX Signiaglass
Nuance (4356)glass
Radiance (4359)glass
SPX Art Plusglass
Titan Harmonyglass
Titan Elementsglass
Day-LITE Fullrimglass
Day-LITE Fullrimglass
Titan Supremeglass
Gem Stoneglass
Titan Impressions Fullrimglass
Titan Dynamics Fullrimglass
Titan Dynamicsglass
Sparkling Iconglass
Hinge C-1glass

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