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 About Silhouette [us]


Silhouette began with a vision – eyewear as an accessory – in 1964, and is now the leading brand in lite eyewear worldwide. Under this brand, the lightest eyewear in the world is mostly handcrafted in an individual design, employing the best materials and the latest technologies.
With the rimless, screwless, hingeless, and virtually weightless Titan Minimal Art, this Austrian family business has revolutionized the eyewear market. Silhouette eyewear has been on more than 30 NASA missions in outer space, tours around the world with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and is the eyewear of choice for big names in entertainment, business, and politics.
Lightness materialized in eyewear design


Minimalism is a fundamental principle of design. Not a trend of fashion, but the timelessness of what is essential to us. The secret of minimalistic design and the unsurpassed wearing comfort of Silhouette eyewear lies, among other things, in the SPX® polymer composite, whose ground-breaking potential revolutionized the lightness of Silhouette's eyewear design. The secret behind SPX®? S stands for Silhouette, P for polyamide, X for the design-related choice of materials.

The vision: eyewear made of SPX® that can be combined with other high-quality materials such as high-tech titanium: formal, puristic, sleek flowing and dynamic, with no sharp edges, a soft feel, super-flexible temples, absent of screws and hinges. With passion, patience, perfection, and the specially developed polymer composite SPX®, this vision became reality.

Feel Lite. Show Style.

Brand Promise

Minimalism is everywhere. At a time when practically anything is technologically possible, when 'anything goes' is just an empty catchphrase, lightness and trim structures are no longer a promise, but reality.

We look for relaxation, fun, and spontaneity – we discover lightness and make a lifestyle of leisure – without taking life too lightly. „Feel Lite, Show Style“ is the promise of the Silhouette eyewear brand, promoting the lite way of life.

 About Silhouette [us]


Bringing together design, material, and individual needs into a harmonious whole is the highest demand made of our brand. Each Silhouette underlines the lifestyle of the person wearing the frame: FEEL LITE. SHOW STYLE .

 About Silhouette [us]


Whether the high-tech polymer composition, SPX, or pure titanium, any Silhouette eyewear is lightweight and flexible, perfect for all day, every day. Light as a feather. Highly elastic. Allergy free. Dimensionally stable. The common characteristics of a Silhouette

 About Silhouette [us]

Quality and Innovation

Silhouette is characterized by the application of titanium and SPX, designed by Silhouette engineers, making Silhouette the undisputed leader in the processing of glasses made of high-tech materials.

Silhouette Journal

Immerse yourself in the unbounded world of Silhouette! The Silhouette Journal leads you to fascinating locations with unusual personalities and special design.

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